30 before 30

After the ridiculously unsettled, stressful and pretty abysmal 7 months I’ve had and now I can draw a line under things and move on with my life, I’m looking to inject so fun, positivity and focus back into my life. Something positive to work towards (not just getting back on my feet) and something happy to pursue.¬† No pressure, stress or agenda, just ideas for things I’ve not experienced yet (or enough) and would very much like to before I reach the ripe old age of 30 in about 22 months time. Some are goals of stability, some to give something back to others, whereas others are just silly lusts for life all the while hopefully raising a good amount of money for charities close to my heart.

I’d like to think I’d be able to get many of my friends and family to share in these experiences and journeys with me too. I’m going to need all the help I can get!!

1) Stable job
2) Stable relationship
3) Debt free
4) Travel outside of Europe
5) Go to a festival
6) Interail round Europe – something I want to do to celebrate turning 30
7) Have some writing published
8) Sky dive
9) Tough mudder or similar
10) 10k run event
11) Big tattoo (sorry mum!)
12) See foos. Again. (greedy I know but you can never have too much Grohl!)
13) Do regular volunteer work
14) Treat myself to a new car
15) Visit a nudist beach
16) Take family for a really nice thank you meal
17) Do a lingerie shoot
18) Go to the Edinburgh tattoo
19) Do a last minute spontaneous trip alone
20) Host a dinner party (subtext here being I need my own place first, probably the hardest challenge of all 30)
21) Go camping
22) Go to Harry potter world
23) Go to ireland trip, see gaelic ceildh band
24) Start dancing again
25) Learn to give a proper massage
26) Be able to read a book in a week
27) Get a Pet
28) Fall in love
29) Make love (actual steamy, hot, intense, connected love making, not sex. Something I’ve never done before)
30) Enjoy a bullshit free birthday